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HR Professionals

The human resources (HR) industry in the US is crucial for organizations, handling tasks like talent acquisition, compensation, employee relations, training, and compliance with employment laws. With 300,000 practitioners, HR faces challenges in attracting and retaining top talent in a competitive job market. Future trends include diversity and inclusion, AI adoption, gig economy, and company culture. HR will evolve from administrative functions to strategic business partnerships, with leading teams embracing innovation and employee experience.

About the industry

The human resources (HR) industry plays a vital role in organizations across the United States. HR professionals are responsible for recruiting, hiring, training, and managing employees to help companies meet their business goals. Some of the main functions of HR include talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, employee relations, training and development, and compliance with employment laws.

With over 160 million people employed in the US workforce, the tasks handled by HR teams are essential for organizational success. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates there are around 300,000 HR practitioners working across the country. The HR field has grown steadily in recent years as companies aim to attract and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive job market.

Trends shaping the future of HR in the US include a focus on diversity and inclusion initiatives, adoption of artificial intelligence and people analytics for data-driven decision making, the gig economy changing how talent is sourced, and an emphasis on company culture to engage millennial and Gen Z workers. The role of HR will continue evolving from traditional administrative functions to strategic business partnerships that directly impact the bottom line. Leading HR teams will be those embracing innovation while still championing the employee experience.


Industry Challenges

Here are some of the main digital marketing challenges facing HR firms:

  • Demonstrating ROI on recruitment marketing spend when hiring is a lengthy and complex process involving many factors

  • Adapting to recruiters and job seekers increasing reliance on mobile devices for job search while maintaining engagement on desktop

  • Creating personalized, automated candidate nurturing journeys when applicant tracking systems have limited functionality

  • Finding ways to accurately track and attribute talent pipeline contribution of individual digital channels

  • Building talent pools/talent communities and keeping potential candidates engaged when not hiring

  • Cutting through heavy competition from employers, staffing firms, job boards etc. advertising open roles online

  • Complying with personal data regulations when using tracking pixels, targeted ads for delivering personalized messaging

  • Promoting employer brand in an authentic transparent way to reach passive candidates across social media

  • Proliferation of job sites and advertising options makes budget and spend optimization complex

  • Adapting messaging and creative for highest conversion performance across multicultural segments


How Stratemedia can help your industry?

Stratemedia's highly-specialized team can support HR teams with their unique digital marketing needs. Their talent acquisition strategists would work closely with HR to build comprehensive recruiting marketing strategies that consider the full candidate journey. Leveraging advanced tracking and attribution modeling, Stratemedia can optimize spending by determining the true downstream impact of each digital channel on qualified applicants and hires.

Automated candidate nurturing journeys can keep talent pools warm between active hiring periods. The marketing team also keeps a pulse on latest personal data regulations and can provide advice to ensure data collection, marketing automation platforms, and targeted ads comply fully. With a background in the HR tech space, Stratemedia provides knowledge of applicant tracking system limitations and ways to augment functionality through tech integrations.

Their creative team can develop social media, video and display campaigns as well as career site designs that attract both active and passive candidates with an authentic employer brand story tailored to different talent segments.

With Strategmedia's data-driven, compliance-focused and conversion rate optimizing approach, they are well equipped to address today's digital marketing obstacles for HR teams.

Let's Discuss How We Can Help - Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call with our digital marketing strategists to discuss your talent acquisition challenges. We'll evaluate your current approach, gaps and opportunities to build an impactful recruitment marketing program that gets results. Book your session now through our online calendar.

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