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Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Managed service providers (MSPs) have become a significant part of the US IT services industry, providing proactive outsourced IT services to businesses. The market, worth over $200 billion, has seen steady growth due to increased reliance on IT systems and a desire to focus on core competencies. Leading MSPs include IBM, Accenture, Presidio, and Rackspace. Trends shaping the market include cloud-based services, security demands, automation, and a shortage of internal IT skills.

About the industry

Managed service providers (MSPs) have become an integral part of the IT services industry in the USA. MSPs provide outsourced IT services to businesses on a proactive basis to improve operations and reduce costs. The MSP market first emerged in the early 2000s and has seen steady growth, especially in recent years. It is estimated to be worth over $200 billion currently.

A major driver of MSP growth has been the increased reliance of businesses on IT systems and desire to focus on core competencies. MSPs allow companies to offload management of IT infrastructure, help desk services, application management and more. Top verticals served include financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and professional services. Many MSPs also provide security services like firewall monitoring to protect against cyberthreats.

Leading MSPs operating nationally include companies like IBM, Accenture, Presidio and Rackspace. The market remains fairly fragmented though, with thousands of small regional providers. Industry analysts expect continued consolidation and merger activity between MSPs seeking to expand service capabilities and geographical reach. Several trends shaping the MSP market are the adoption of cloud-based services, increased security demands, automation and a shortage of internal IT skills/resources across businesses. Most projections expect the rapid growth of MSPs to continue in the years ahead as companies leverage them to transform digitally in a scalable way.


Industry Challenges

Here are some of the main industry challenges when it comes to digital marketing:

  • Rapidly changing consumer behavior and demands - consumers are spending more time on mobile and expectations are evolving quickly

  • Difficulty capturing customer attention across the growing number of digital channels and devices

  • Staying current with the latest platforms and trends takes considerable time and investment

  • Privacy regulations and consumer data protection laws add legal complexity

  • Implementing a coherent digital marketing approach across siloed teams and technologies

  • Proliferation of marketing technology makes integration and stack management challenging

  • Quantifying return on digital marketing investment with the rising sophistication of ad blocking and bots

  • Integrating digital efforts across channels like social media, search, and email marketing

  • Personalization versus privacy - balancing customized experiences with transparency

  • Digital fraud, including click fraud, impressions fraud, attribution fraud

  • Rapid advancements in marketing analytics and measurement methodologies


How Stratemedia can help your industry?

As a digital marketing agency focused on the technology sector, we understand the unique marketing needs of managed IT service providers. We can assist MSPs in capturing more customer attention and improving lead generation through comprehensive inbound marketing campaigns. This includes creating personalized yet compliant content for the MSP blog, social media channels, and emails nurture tracks.

We also specialize in multi-channel advertising from retargeting to paid social to reinforce the brand across key decision-makers. With our team updated on the latest marketing technologies, Stratemedia can integrate an MSP’s marketing stack more efficiently – consolidating analytics and streamlining campaign workflows. Being able to quantify marketing ROI is also a strength, as Stratemedia ties campaigns directly to lead quality, deal velocity and pipeline growth.

Our customized branding and messaging also resonate across channels, avoiding siloed efforts. With privacy and compliance expertise, we enable better personalization and targeting without compromising on consumer data protections. Overall, partnering with a strategic marketing agency like Stratemedia allows resource-constrained MSPs to scale growth using proven digital tactics.

Get a free digital marketing assessment for your managed IT services business. Our team of experts will review your current marketing efforts and provide data-driven recommendations to generate more qualified leads.

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