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Create, sign, and conquer with Pandadoc


Cut your contract process time with PandaDoc


Pandadoc is a document creation and e-signature software that allows users to easily create, share, e-sign and track documents online. The tool provides document templates for common business documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices that users can customize by adding their own branding, Terms and Conditions, questions for clients to answers, and more.

A key feature of Pandadoc is its drag-and-drop editor that makes it simple to put together professional looking documents without any design experience required. It allows users to upload their logo, choose fonts, colors, and layouts, and insert text boxes or images. Pandadoc also has collaboration features so multiple people can work on the same document, making edits and leaving comments.

Once a document is finalized, Pandadoc enables users to send it out via email or link to clients for e-signature. It supports bulk sending so you can request signatures from multiple recipients at once. Pandadoc offers reminders, deadline notifications, and lets you track who has viewed, signed, or declined the document. It stores signed documents and provides analytics on how long each client took to complete signatures. Overall, Pandadoc aims to save time over creating documents in traditional Office software and streamline the client approval and signing workflow through automation.


Main Features

Here are the main features of the Pandadoc app in bullet points:

• Drag-and-drop editor to easily create professional documents with templates for proposals, quotes, invoices, contracts etc.

• Customizable templates allow adding logo, colors, fonts, images, tables, and styling document to your brand

• Collaboration tools enable multiple people to co-edit documents and leave comments

• Ability to upload PDF files and convert them into editable Word documents

• Bulk sending of documents to multiple recipients to collect e-signatures

• Email and link options to request e-signatures from clients

• Reminders and deadline notifications to document signers

• E-signature workflows to collect signatures, initials, approvals and payments

• Tracking to see document status - who has viewed, signed, or declined

• Analytics providing insights into how long clients spend signing

• Legally-binding e-signatures using advanced encryption technologies

• Integration with popular business tools like Salesforce, Slack, Gmail etc.

• Secure cloud storage for all completed agreements and documents

• Mobile apps allow users to manage account and sign documents on the go


Benefits of using the application

Here are some of the key benefits of using Pandadoc:

Saves time - Pandadoc's templates and automation allows faster document creation than traditional Office software. Also reduces time chasing client signatures through reminders/notifications.

Enhances productivity - The ability to create, share, e-sign and track documents from one platform boosts productivity. Integrations with other business apps also streamline workflows.

Improves branding/professionalism - Professionally designed templates allow creating on-brand client-facing documents that make a great impression.

Increases security - Pandadoc uses the highest encryption standards to secure documents and sensitive information within them during editing, sharing and e-signing.

Drives more revenue - With Pandadoc, users close more deals faster by accelerating the client approval and sales cycle through instant sending/signing.

Provides insights - The tracking and analytics give visibility into how long clients take to review and sign documents, helping improve the process over time.

Offers flexibility - Pandadoc works on all devices with web, iOS and Android access allowing users to manage agreements from anywhere.

So in summary, Pandadoc increases sales efficiency, security compliance, brand consistency and visibility into the document process - all key benefits for businesses.


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