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Seal the Deal with Pipedrive


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Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed specifically for sales teams. Launched in 2010, Pipedrive aims to be an intuitive, easy-to-use CRM that helps salespeople manage their sales pipeline and close more deals.

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A key feature of Pipedrive is its sales pipeline, which provides visibility into every deal and sales opportunity. Sales reps can move deals through customizable pipeline stages, from lead to closed won/lost. Pipedrive will notify reps when it's time to follow up with a lead or deal. The pipeline provides insights into win rates, deal values, and more to help inform sales strategy.

Email filter and integration

Other key features include contact management, email integration, activity logging for notes and calls, customizable reports, and integrations with apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Zapier, and PayPal.

Workflow automation

While Pipedrive offers a free plan for small teams, its paid plans are competitively priced for SMBs. Standard plan pricing starts at $12.50 per user/month when billed annually. Enterprise pricing is also available for large teams. Overall, Pipedrive aims to deliver an intuitive, affordable CRM option tailored to the needs of sales teams. Its focus on pipeline management and visual reporting of actionable insights have made it popular for small to midsized B2B organizations looking to optimize sales performance.

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Main Features

Here are the main features of Pipedrive CRM application in bullet points:

- Sales pipeline - Visual sales pipeline to manage deals and sales opportunities from lead to close. Customizable pipeline stages and deal status.

- Lead management - Track leads with deal value, activities, notes, reminders, and team assignments.

- Contact management - Centralized database of all your contacts and companies.

- Activity tracking - Log calls, emails, meetings, notes, and schedule activities. Activity insights and reminders.

- Email integration - Sync emails from Gmail, Outlook, or other email services.

- Reporting and analytics - Visual reports on pipeline performance, deals won/lost, sales activity, leaders, etc.

- Forecasting - Make data-driven forecasts on your sales pipeline and activities.

- Customization - Custom fields, stages, views, filters to fit your sales process.

- API and integrations - 200+ app integrations including G Suite, Slack, PayPal, Zapier, and more.

- Mobile app - Native iOS and Android apps to access pipeline on-the-go.

- Team collaboration - Organization-wide activity feeds and deal progress visibility.

- Security and access controls - Role-based permissions, SSO integration, and data encryption.


Benefits of using the application

Here are the main benefits of using Pipedrive CRM application:

- Increased sales productivity - By centralizing all customer and deal data in one place, sales reps save time on admin and can focus more on selling activities. Activity reminders also help ensure effective follow-ups.

- Improved sales visibility - With complete visibility into the sales pipeline, managers can identify the best opportunities, flag deals at risk, and make data-driven decisions to hit revenue goals.

- Enhanced sales collaboration - Sales teams can work together on deals by sharing a common workspace with activity feeds, shared calendars, @mentions, and customizable permissions.

- Data-driven forecasting - Granular, real-time reporting allows accurate sales forecasting by product, pipeline stage, sales rep performance, and other parameters to guide business growth.

- Superior customer engagement - By logging all customer interactions and reminders in one CRM, reps provide a superior customer experience with coordinated, ongoing conversations.

- Market agility and scalability - Cloud-based Pipedrive enables sales teams to get up-and-running quickly. Plans scale up as needed to match business growth.

- Works across devices - Mobile access ensures sales reps stay productive on the go with native iOS and Android apps. Web version also provides flexibility.

- Affordable pricing - Competitive and transparent pricing models make Pipedrive accessible for high-growth small/medium businesses managing sales at scale.

- Ease of use - Intuitive interface means minimal training needed. Sales teams can start using the platform effectively in a short time.


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