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Melio is a financial technology company that offers payment automation software aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Their flagship product is a digital payments platform that allows businesses to easily pay other companies or freelancers.

Pay all your vendors' bills at once. In just a few clicks

The Melio platform integrates with popular accounting software, point-of-sale systems, and bank accounts. This means businesses can schedule payments from directly within the accounting tools they already use. Payments can be made via ACH or check. One of the key benefits touted by Melio is the ability to simplify and partially automate the payments process for SMBs. This saves employees time and effort when paying invoices and bills.

Earn cashback every time you make payment with your credit cards

Melio markets itself as providing modern payment tools to SMBs that previously had to rely on paper checks and other manual payment methods. Features like online bill payment, tracking expenditures, and generating financial reports allow even very small companies to have professional financial workflows.

Pay vendors with your credit card to earn rewards with every bill you pay

The Melio platform also uses machine learning to code transactions and gain insights into spending patterns. Overall, Melio aims to bring digital transformation and payment automation to the historically underserved SMB market in order to drive efficiency, cost savings, and financial management.


Main Features

Here are the main features of the Melio application in bullet points:

- Digital payments platform to pay other businesses or freelancers

- Integrates with popular accounting software, POS systems, and bank accounts

- Allows scheduling of ACH or check payments from within accounting tools

- Simplifies and partially automates payments process for SMBs

- Saves time and effort for making invoice/bill payments

- Provides online bill pay within the platform

- Tracks expenditures and generates financial reports

- Uses machine learning to code transactions and provide spending insights

- Aims to bring digital transformation and payment automation to SMBs

- Drives efficiency, cost savings, and financial management for SMBs

- Offers easy onboarding and setup for getting started with simplified payments

- Features dashboards for tracking cash flow, outflows, payroll, etc.

- Includes collaboration tools for managing AP/AR teams and processes

- Offers both web and mobile access to payments management



Here are the main benefits of the Melio application for professional firms:

Saving Time

- It automates the payments process, saving firms significant time on invoicing, collections, payments reconciliation and more. No more manual tracking of payments.

Improved Cash Flow

- It allows setting up scheduled payments instead of having to remember to pay invoices. This leads to better vendor relationships through on-time payments.

Financial Insights

- The dashboards provide real-time visibility into cash flow, outflows, payroll and other financial metrics critical for firms. This supports better planning.

Cost Savings

- By digitizing payments on one integrated platform, it generates cost savings by avoiding late fees, high check processing fees, and high interest on unpaid balances.

Organized Finances

- All client billing, invoices, payments and financial data is organized and accessible in one place, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Critical for firms.

Client Retention

- By systemizing billing and collections on Melio, firms improve receivables and on-time customer payments, thereby boosting client retention over the long-term.

In summary, by simplifying and automating repetitive finance tasks, Melio gives professional firms time and insights to better manage the business while controlling cash flow and costs. The platform delivers quantifiable productivity and financial improvements.

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